Monday, November 13, 2017

Tattered Lace Pre Order

Tattered Lace has some new items that I would like to try to get for you.   These are some popular  and beautiful sets so I will try my very best to get them.   Please note that Tattered Lace provides a lot of samples with the dies included in the set.  If you used rubber stamps and image die cuts it would take theses cards to another level!   Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

First up are dies to make some impressive and unique card shapes.  These are great for classes.  Also, there are many dies to these sets making the cost fairly reasonable if you see how many dies you get.

436372  Offset Triangle Die Set  $41.50
Largest die is 19cm x 27.7cm 
This set includes 17 dies!

436377  Swing Easel Card Die Set  $41.50
Largest Die is 19cm x 8.3cm
Consists of 11 dies!
 Due to the variance in the design these dies can be used to create both swing cards and an easel cards.  How cool is that! 

436378  Double Diamond Die Set  $41.50
Largest die is  17.5cm x 29.1cm
This is an impressive card!
Set consists of 21 dies!
I found one crafter that said this is a 7 x 7 inch card when finished.

These next ones are for you Charisma Lovers.  Don't know what a Charisma set is?  Oh my, have you been missing out.  You print an image off your printer that comes from a CD Rom. The image is perfectly colored.  You then align your die over the image and it cuts out perfectly plus it adds lines for details.  These are must haves for classes and those of you who sell your die cuts.  They are very impressive looking.  Take a close look at the samples and you will see how beautiful the images are.
TLD0582  Blue Hydrangea Die Set  $29.50
These dies measure approx.:
Frame: 12.9cm x 14.6cm
Sentiment: 4.1cm x 5.5cm

TLD0583  English Daisy Die Set  $29.50
These dies measure approx.:
Frame: 12.3cm x 14.5cm
Sentiment: 4.2cm x 6.5cm

TLD0584  Lavender Twilight Die Set  $29.50
These dies measure approx.:
Frame: 11.8cm x 15cm
Sentiment: 3.9cm x 7.1cm

TLD0585  Stargazer Lily Die Set  $29.50
(These look like Gladiolas to me)
These dies measure approx.:
Frame: 11.7cm x 14.9cm
Sentiment: 3.7cm x 6.2cm

Now if you want the professional coloring look-you need the CD Rom:

DIG0351 Blue Hydrangea and Lavender Twilight CD-ROM  $16.75

Do you find you have very little card making supplies for Thanksgiving or Fall Harvest?  This next one fits the bill for both.  The sample shows how adorable this die set is.
TLD0632  Lite Lunch Die Set  $17.75
These dies measure approx.:
Fruit: 14.8cm x 10.9cm
Mouse: 2.6cm x 6cm

Next I am taking you to the woods-one of my very favorite places to be.  Woodland dies are the best!

TLD0633  Wild Wood Embellishments Die Set  $23.50
These dies measure approx.:
Seed 1: 4.5cm x 1.9cm
Branch 1: 3cm x 4.6cm
Fern: 3.1cm x 9.8cm
Branch 2: 5.3cm x 10cm
Seed 2: 4.6cm x 2.3cm

TLD0714  Foliage Deer Die Set  $17.50
These dies measure approx.:
Foliage: 4.4cm x 8.5cm
Deer: 5.3cm x 5cm

Wait until you see how creative the next  2 die sets are to make a really unique card.  For those of you who teach-take notice  :)

433263 Picture Show Lace Mesh Owl Branch Die  $21.00
(This makes the front of the card) 
These dies measure approx.:
Owl Scene: 9cm x 9cm
Frame: 9.8cm x 9.8cm

Now wait until you see what you get when you open the card with the die set below......

TLD0713  Picture Show Owl Branch Die Set  $35.00
These dies measure approx.:
Owls 1: 12.5cm x 7.6cm
Owls 2: 12.5cm x 7.6cm
Vines: 8.6cm x 4.3cm
Corner: 5.2cm x 5.2cm

Ready?  Tadah!
How sweet is this?  It is in the center of the card and it stands out when the card is opened!  

Here are some more ideas using the owl dies:

The last 2 dies I offered because I just think they are pretty.
TLD0576  Trumpets and Curlicues Die Set  $21.00
These dies measure approx.:
Panel: 9.8cm x 10.7cm
Border: 10.9cm x 11.9cm

TLD0663  Architectural Lace Square Die Set  $41.00
These dies measure approx.:
Lace Square: 3.3cm x 3.3cm
Lace Square 2: 10.2cm x 10.2cm
15.7cm x 15.7cm
16.7cm x 16.7cm

Don't forget to check out DPC3
Prices were reduced again on many items and new items were added such as...........

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