Sunday, October 22, 2017

Crafter's Companion Die'sire Create-A-Card Christmas Collection Pre Order

Now for some new dies.  I will try to explain these dies the best I can.  Notice that these are multiple die sets.  They are made so you can cut the frame plain or with the Christmas scene in it plus some extra doo dads are included.  The frames are in two pieces.  You can manipulate the pieces to cut the frames the way you wish.  I like that the frames can be plain as they don't have to be used just for Christmas.

Beautiful Baubles Create-a-Card Die Set  $24.25

Bells Are Ringing Create-a-Card Die Set  $24.25

Christmas By Candlelight Create-a-Card Die Set  $24.25

Christmas Eve Create-a Card Die Set  $24.25

Sparkling Spruce Create-a-Card Die Set  $24.25

Winter Wonderland Create-a-Card Die Set  $24.25

Now for some samples!
 See in this one, the candles were left out and just the frame was used....

 And in this one the candles were used!

In this one, the Christmas tree was left out...You get the idea  :)

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