Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sue Wilson Pre Order

Hello everyone.  Here is a big favorite-the newest Sue Wilson items!  There are so many choices this time around.  I am sure everyone will find ones they like.
Email all pre orders to Darlene at

CED1487 Pinwheel Floral Die Set  $17.75

UMS807 Pinwheel Flower Stamp Set  $6.00
Coordinates with CED1487

CED1488 Nasturtium Cluster Die Set  $9.75

CED1489 Windswept Grasses Die Set  $9.75

CED1628 Petite Petal Die Set  $11.00

CED4332 Scarlet Frames and Tags Die Set  $12.75

UMS811 Scarlet's Autumn Harvest Stamp  $6.00
Coordinates with CED4332

CED4333 Ella Frames and Tags Die Set  $15.25

UMS812 Ella's Autumn Wreath Stamp  $6.00
Coordinates with CED4333

UMS813 Ella's Songbird Stamp  $6.00
Coordinates with CED4333

CED4334 Jennifer Frames and Tags Die Set  $15.25

UMS814 Jennifer's Frame Stamp  $7.25

UMS815 Jennifer's Acorn Journal Stamp  $7.25
Coordinates with CED4334

CED4335 Victoria Die Set  $11.75

 UMS816 Victoria's Sweet Sunflower Stamp  $6.00
Coordinates with CED4335

UMS817 Victoria's Garden Stamp  $6.00
Coordinates with CED4335

CED4425 Columbia Triple Gemini Die Set  $11.75

CED4426 Sagitta Triple Gemini Die Set  $11.75

CED4427 Cetus Gemini Die Set  $9.75

CED5303 Intermediate Weaving Die  $21.00

CED5428  Alphabet Grid Die  $17.75

CED5429 So Many Candles Die  $9.75

CED5518 Double Stitched Hexagon Die Set  $33.25

CED5519 Classic Adorned Hexagon Die Set  $36.50

CED5520 Lavish Accented Hexagon Die Set  $36.50

CED6503 Ecliptic Edger Die Set  $12.00

CED9314 Celebrations Shadow Box Die Set  $18.50

CED9315 Stitched Peg Board Shadow Box Die Set  $33.25

CED21012 Domed Snow Globe Die Set  $14.00

CETREATDOME  Domed Treat Cups  $3.50

UMS808 Christmas Eve Rubber Stamp $6.00
Works with CED21012 Domed Snow Globe Die Set

UMS809 Winter Snowman Rubber Stamp  $6.00
Works with CED21012 Domed Snow Globe Die Set

CED21013 Fairy Snow Globe Scene Die  $11.00

CED21014  Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe Scene Die Set  $11.00

CED21015 Twinkle Twinkle Cloud and Stars Die Set  $14.00

CETREATCLOUD  Cloud Treat Cups  $3.50

CETREATSMSTAR  Star Treat Cups  $2.75

CED23006 Make A Cake Die Set  $11.00

 CED23007 Baby's First Pram Die Set  $16.75

CED23008 Sweet Dreams Little One Die Set  $16.75

 CED23009  Cheeky Monkey Die Set  $17.50

CED23010 King of the Grill Die Set  $17.50

 CED23011 In the Tool Box Die Set  $18.50

Please remember to check out DPC3 for surplus and sale items!

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