Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art Impressions NEW ITEMS...!!

Hello friends.  I have a favor to ask.  Art Impressions has finally come out with some new things!  We have waited so long!  The only problem is they have come out with a LOT of new things.  Also, a lot of the new items are movable and do things that a picture would never do justice to.   So, I was wondering if you could watch their video and let me know what things you would like to get and then I could put those items up for sale so others may order them as well.   This way, I don't have to load up all the items as there may be several no one wants.  This would save me a lot of time.  I also, think you will enjoy the video.  I know I did.  The link to the video is HERE
If you need prices before committing to an order, I will get them for you.  Just email me.

Also, if there is any older Art Impressions items that you want now is the time to let me know so I can put those up for pre order on my blog too!

Email everything to Darlene at

Here are the things I liked from the new release:
Water Color Fence Masking dies-lots of possibilities here...
Water Color Bench set-love that lil puppy sitting on the bench
Water Color Dogs Set-to put that puppy on the bench!
Water Color Fir Trees- So many uses for this set for scenes.
Wiggle Wobbles Skeleton-makes a cute Halloween card
Hamster Mouthful Set-he's just cute.  And I don't have anything with a hamster.......
All the Pop Cards!  Have you made a Pop Card yet?  They are FUN!  Don't forget you need that little mechanism die if you don't already have one.
Santa Paws Set-this one will be popular!
All the mini tryfolds!  I am a fan of the tryfolds.  I am always amazed just how perfect they come out.

Thank you all for your help.  I appreciate it.  Enjoy the video!

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