Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tattered Lace Pre Order ****Need By Sunday Night****

For all you tattered lace fans, these are some gorgeous dies....  Please get all orders to me by Sunday evening 6 pm EST.  I know some of these will sell out but as always I will try my very best to get these for you.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

TLD0104  Delightful Flourishes Die Set  $9.00
These dies measure approx.:
Flourish 1: 1.8cm x 5.4cm
Flourish 2: 5.6cm x 2.8cm
Flourish 3: 4.7cm x 3.3cm
Flourish 4: 4.1cm x 3.3cm
Flourish 5: 4.7cm x 3.2cm

TLD0282  Ornamental Antique Lace Heart  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
Panel: 6.1cm x 5cm
Border: 6.8cm x 5.9cm
Frame: 15.3cm x 14.5cm

TLD0283  Ornamental Antique Lace Rectangle  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
Panel: 3.1cm x 7.9cm
Border: 3.9cm x 8.8cm
Frame: 10.2cm x 15.5cm

TLD0284  Ornamental Antique Lace Square  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
Panel: 4.6cm x 4.6cm
Border: 5.6cm x 5.6cm
Frame: 12.9cm x 12.9cm

TLD0285  Ornamental Circles Die Set  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 1.9cm in diameter
No 2: 3.9cm in diameter
No 3: 5.7cm in diameter
No 4: 7.5cm in diameter
No 5: 9.3cm in diameter
No 6: 11.1cm in diameter
No 7: 12.9cm in diameter

TLD0286  Ornamental Hearts Die Set  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 1cm x 0.9cm
No 2: 2.9cm x 2.5cm
No 3: 6.3cm x 5.4cm
No 4: 9.2cm x 8.1cm
No 5: 11.2cm x 10.6cm
No 6: 12.9cm x 12.9cm

TLD0287  Ornamental Ovals Die Set  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 1.6cm x 2.2cm
No 2: 3.3cm x 4.7cm
No 3: 5.2cm x 7.4cm
No 4: 6.9cm x 9.9cm
No 5: 8.7cm x 12.5cm
No 6: 10.7cm x 15.3cm
No 7: 12.6cm x 18.1cm

TLD0288  Ornamental Labels Die Set  $27.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 4.1cm x 2.1cm
No 2: 7cm x 4.6cm
No 3: 9.5cm x 7cm
No 4: 12.7cm x 9.3cm
No 5: 16.5cm x 12.1cm

TLD0289  Ornamental Precious Scrap  $22.00
This die measures approx 23.8cm x 9.9cm.

TLD0290  Ornamental Torn Edge Circles  $38.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 3.7cm x 3.7cm
No 2: 5.7cm x 5.7cm
No 3: 7.5cm x 7.5cm
No 4: 9.3cm x 9.3cm
No 5: 11.1cm x 11.1cm
No 6: 12.9cm x 12.9cm
Page Turn: 3.3cm x 4.8cm

TLD0291 Ornamental Torn Edge Hearts Die Set  $38.50
 These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 3cm x 2.6cm
No 2: 6.3cm x 5.4cm
No 3: 9.2cm x 8cm
No 4: 11.2cm x 10.6cm
No 5: 12.9cm x 12.9cm
Page Turn 1: 4.2cm x 4.1cm
Page Turn 2: 3.1cm x 3.4cm

TLD0292  Ornamental Torn Edge Ovals Die Set  $38.50
These dies measure approx.:
No 1: 5.1cm x 7.3cm
No 2: 6.8cm x 9.7cm
No 3: 8.6cm x 12.4cm
No 4: 10.5cm x 15.1cm
No 5: 12.5cm x 17.9cm
Page Turn: 2.1cm x 5.6cm


TLD0293  Ornamental Tuck Ins Die Set  $27.50
The Tattered Lace Ornamental Tuck Ins dies are great to tuck in to the ornamental vintage frame dies or to tuck in to the torn edge circles, hearts and ovals. The Tuck Ins are lovely detailed lace embellishments which create texture and bring dimension to any project. These dies are the perfect way to add finishing touches to your projects. Choose between 4 different designs to suit different projects.
These dies measure approx.:
Tuck In 1: 9.7cm x 4.4cm
Tuck In 2: 6.7cm x 4.6cm
Tuck In 3: 8.3cm x 5.4cm
Tuck In 4: 4.1cm x 5.5cm

TLD0299  Ornamental Corner Die  $27.50
This die measures approx 19.8cm x 10.8cm.

DIG0077  Ornamental Vintage Lace CD-ROM  $11.00
This CD-ROM is packed full of artwork to use in conjunction with your Ornamental Vintage Lace Die Collection!
With Backgrounds, Images, Postcards, Tags, Inserts and Envelopes for all papercraft projects. Each design has been created for maximum versatility among your crafty stash and will work for matting and layering, die cutting and much more...

TLD0325  Totally Entwined Rectangle Die Set  $22.00
These dies measure approx.:
Centre: 7.2cm x 10.8cm
Frame: 14.2cm x 17.2cm

TLD0329  Picture Perfect Rectangle  $49.50
These dies measure approx.:
Frame: 19.7cm x 24.7cm
Centre: 9.9cm x 14.8cm
Stand: 6.9cm x 13.1cm
The Tattered Lace Picture Perfect Rectangle die features a stunningly intricately detailed frame with flourish detail, this die comes with a stand and can be used as a photo frame, great for creating gift and home décor projects, Add a variety of different things inside like photos, sentiments & messages, scenes and die cuts. You could lay the intricate frame over a color to create a two toned look, leave the intricate frame as a single piece or add onto a card front, Decorate with embellishments like 3D flowers & butterflies, peals, gems, glitter and more

TLD0335  Bunny's Lunch Die  $16.50
This die measures approx 8.5cm x 9.6cm.

TLD0336  Charlotte and Tilly Die Set  $20.00
These dies measure approx.:
Charlotte: 6.1cm x 10.2cm
Fence: 5.7cm x 8.2cm

TLD0365  Chipmunk  $16.50
This die measures approx 9.7cm x 11.8cm.

TLD0374  Flourishing Flowers Die  $19.75
This die measures approx 10.7cm x 12.2cm.

TLD0375  Botanical Florals Die  $19.75
These dies measure approx.:
Florals: 7cm x 8.7cm
Petal 1: 0.6cm x 0.6cm
Petal 2: 0.6cm x 0.6cm
Petal 3: 0.9cm x 1cm

TLD0376  Picturesque Petals Die  $19.75
This die measures approx 7.7cm x 10.8cm.

TLD0377  Dragonfly and Butterflies Dies  $14.50
These dies measure approx.:
Dragonfly: 5.1cm x 3.7cm
S Butterfly: 1.7cm x 2.4cm
L Butterfly: 2.6cm x 3.2cm

DIG0076  Botanical Collection CD-ROM  $11.00
Matches with the 4 dies above plus co-ordinating background paper.  Flowers come in different color choices.

TLD0403  Illuminated Frame  $33.00
These dies measure approx.:
Outer Frame: 9.6cm x 15.3cm
Small Frame: 4.9cm x 6.9cm
Flourish 1: 1.8cm x 3cm
Flourish 2: 1.9cm x 3.9cm
Emoticons: 1.9cm x 1.9cm

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