Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Leonie Pujol Items to Pre Order

Hello crafters.  Here are some more Leonie Pujol items to pre order.  Please email all preorders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

First up are the Funky Heart dies.  Now these are very unique.  There is the first die that is called the Funky Heart Base.  The other three die sets can go with it.  Also, the little bits are made to entwine with the dies (weave them around).  So unique!

Funky Heart Base Die Set  $24.25

See that stamped edge border?  That is a stamp set listed for sale below. 

Pay attention to the background embossed pattern.  That embossing folder is shown below.

Again, that embossing folder for sale below.....

Funky Heart Lovely Bubbles Die Set  $24.25

Look at those lovely bubbles with some color stenciled through the die

Funky Heart Hearts And Swirls Die Set  $24.25

Funky Hearts Interlocking Love Die Set  $24.25

Now for Some Embossing Folders:

Entwined Love Embossing Folder  $6.75

Bubble Explosion Embossing Folder  $6.75

Dotty Heart Embossing Folder  $6.75

Love Lines Embossing Folder  $6.75

Growing Love Embossing Folder  $6.75

Forever Swirls Embossing Folder  $6.75

Last up are some Rubber Stamp Sets:

Beautiful Bloom Stamp Set  $6.00

Pretty Borders Stamp Set  $6.00

Dizzy Daisy Stamp Set  $6.00

Folk Art Fun Stamp Set  $6.00

From the Heart Stamp Set  $6.00

Message Ribbon Stamp Set  $6.00

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