Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Altenew Pre Order

Hello friends.  I have a beautiful new company to offer items from called Altenew.  Their items are new and fresh and beautiful.  Thank you Julie for requesting me to get this line of product.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

First up are their brand new embossing powders.
Each are 1 oz jars and they give crisp results.
They are priced accordingly:
Antique Gold Crisp Embossing Powder  $6.65
Antique Silver Crisp Embossing Powder  $6.65
Crystal Clear Crisp Embossing Powder  $5.70
Golden Peach Crisp Embossing Powder  $6.65
Pure White Crisp Embossing Powder  $5.70
Translucent Pearl Crisp Embossing Powder  $5.70

Here is what they look like:

I have to get myself some of that Golden Peach one.  Don't you agree it would look great embossing flowers?

Enchanted Iris Stamp Set  $14.25

Enchanted Iris Die Set  $19.95

Hmmmm....I think they may have used that gold peach embossing powder here.......

Modern Cats Layering Stamp Set  $14.25

Modern Cats Die Set  $10.45

Layered Floral Cover Die A  $22.80

Layered Floral Cover Die B  $22.80

Ok,  I think they sell these dies separately in case some one wants just set A.  In my opinion you need both of these.  I know these are pricey BUT this is a gorgeous combo.  When you put these two dies together-magic happens.  This is my favorite thing of everything I am offering today  :)

 See , this is just plate A.  Not bad but adding plate B just makes it AWESOME!!

Rain Or Shine Layering Stamp Set  $19.95
I really like how the clouds have different layers to give them some wonderful dimension.

Rain Or Shine Die Set  $11.40

Crafty Friends Stamp Set  $19.95
Each one of us needs this stamp set.  It is just so us!!!!

Garden Hydrangea Layering Stamp  $19.95

Garden Hydrangea Die Set  $8.55

Layered Cupcake Stamp Set  $19.95
I like how you can make all different flavored cupcakes!

Cupcake Die  $5.70

Beautiful Day Layered Stamp Set  $19.95

Beautiful Day Die Set  $19.95

And Lastly, I can get you the Altenew Inks. 
Smooth coverage.
Vibrant Impression.
They say their fast-drying dye inks will give you uniform coverage and a crisp impression every single time. They are excellent for water based techniques and perfectly complement our clear photopolymer stamps.
They are available in the following Colors:

Costs are as follows:
A Single Color Oval Ink Pad  $6.25
0.5 oz Re-inker Bottle  $4.30

They also have mini cube ink pads.  They come in sets of four.  I will try to explain the sets.  If you look at the chart below the top ink color families go down.  So if you ordered the blues, one set would be: Desert Night, Dusk, Ocean Waves, and Sea Glass.  The other set would be Sapphire, Persian Blue, Caribbean Sky and Arctic.   For the bottom inks the sets go across.  So the cube set would be Pure Graphite, Industrial Diamond, Silver Stone and Limestone.  I have attempted to section off the cube sets below.

The cost for one set of 4 ink cubes is $11.50

If you like this company as much as I do, we will do more orders in the future.  If there is anything I can help you out with, just email me.  Remember to send all pre orders to

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