Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Frantic Stamper Around The World Pre Order

Hello paper crafters.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  We had a big storm so it was a glorious white Christmas!  
I am kind of on a mini vacation this week but I am still working on business stuff here and there.  
This is a new release from Frantic Stamper.  Please email all preorders to Darlene at

FRA10356  World Map Die  $13.25
The ATC sized World Map die measures 3.5" x 2.5" and features incredible map detail. The continents cut out of the design, and can easily be replaced for a solid look, or cut from different colors for a fun variation.

FRA10357 Globe Die  $8.25
Our globe die measures 2" x 3". Perfect for travel themed cards, school-themed projects, or making "peace on earth" cards too!

FRA10358  Suitcase Stack Die  $11.50
The stack of vintage suitcases makes a perfect focal point for a bon voyage card. This Suitcase Stack die measures 2.8" x 2.875". With so much detail, it's easy to color in the features and bring these to life!

FRA10359  Bon Voyage Die Set  $5.25
This script Bon Voyage die measures 3.05" x 1.1"

FRA10360  Elegant Journey Die  $5.25
The "Journey" word is done in our "elegant" font, which matches many of our previously released word dies, and more to come soon. The die measures 2.85" x 1.5". Perfect for travel cards and scrapbook pages as well.

FRA10361  Base Paper Doll Bodies Die Set  $27.50
This large die set includes 18 pieces to create a fun paper doll which you can dress and accessorize in so many ways. The set includes the doll body, several hair styles, shirts, shorts, skirt and shoes.
The base doll body measures 2" x 2.5".
Fran also offers several clothing sets to increase the versatility. Try the following sets to dress up your doll:
-FRA10362 - Dutch Doll Clothes
-FRA10366 - Egyptian Doll Clothes
-FRA10371 - Native American Doll Clothes
-FRA10376 - Japanese Doll Clothes
Fran plans on releasing other clothing sets in the future as well.

FRA10362  Dutch Doll Clothes Die Set  $19.50
The Dutch Doll Clothes die set is designed to fit the Base Paper Doll body set (FRA10361). In this set, you will get 14 dies to create the little Dutch boy and Dutch girl, as well a a fun tulip.
Don't forget to add the Windmill die (FRA10363) to complete the theme!

FRA10363  Windmill Die  $9.25
The windmill die measures 2.8" x 3". It's a perfect companion to the Dutch Dolls created with FRA10361 and FRA10362.

FRA10365  London Landmarks Die Set  $19.50
These great London Landmarks include the Clock Tower (Big Ben) measuring 0.75" x 3.125", as well as the London Eye (3.05" x 3.125"). Cheerio!

FRA10366  Egyptian Doll Clothing Die Set  $16.25
The Egyptian Doll Clothes die set is designed to fit the Base Paper Doll body set (FRA10361). In this set, you will get 11 dies to dress the doll as an Egyptian boy or Egyptian princess girl. Add the Sphinx and Pyramid die (FRA10368) to complete your scene!

FRA10367  Egyptian Sarcophagus Die Set  $6.25
The Egyptian Sarcophagus die measures 1" x 2.5".

FRA10368  Sphinx and Pyramid Die Set  $13.25
Create Egyptian scenes using this set of 2 dies. The Sphinx measures 2.5" x 1.75" and the pyramid measures 2.7" x 2.2"

FRA10369  Egyptian Icons Die Set  $16.25
This set of three large ancient Egyptian icons includes the Scarab (2.5" x 2.5"), Horus falcon (2.25" x 2.1") and Ankh (1.2" x 2.2")

FRA10370  Pyramid Treat Box Die  $32.25
This die folds up to make a 2.5"x2.5"x2.5" pyramid treat box. Add a hanger to make it into an ornament, or include a small gift inside. Super easy and super fun!!

FRA10371  Native American Doll Clothes Die Set  $18.75
The Native American Doll Clothes die set is designed to fit the Base Paper Doll body set (FRA10361). In this set, you will get 6 dies to dress the paper doll. The headress die measures approx. 3" x 3" and is also great used on its own as a focal point.
Don't forget to add the Native American Icons die set (FRA10372) to complete the scene.

FRA10372  Native American Icons Dies  $16.25
The Native American Icons die set includes four dies. The totem pole measures 1.75" x 2.875". The teepee measures 2" x 2.5", and the canoe measures 2.5" x 0.625". The last die in the set is the padle which is sized to fit with the canoe. The detailing on the die will help you color the cuts for added interest.

FRA10373  Native American Eagle Die  $13.25
This gorgeous detailed Native American Eagle measures 3.75" x 3.25". The Eagle symbol signfies courage, wisdom and strength, as well as representing the messenger of the creator, making this a fantastic choice for making get-well cards, birthday cards and congratulatory cards. The large size is perfect for bringing this design to life with exquisite detail.

FRA10374  Russian Nesting Dolls Die Set  $16.25
These darling Russian Nesting dolls are graduated in size, ranging from 1.55" x 2.75" for the largest doll, to 0.375" x 0.7" for the smallest doll.
The dies have a lot of detail, making it easy to color them, or to cut them from different papers and reassembling them inlay-style.

FRA10375  St Basil Cathedral Die  $8.25
The St. Basil Cathedral die measures 2" x 2.875"

FRA10376  Japanese Doll Clothing Die Set  $22.00
The Japanese Doll Clothes die set is designed to fit the Base Paper Doll body set (FRA10361). In this set, you will get 21 dies to create Geishas, a Sumo wrestler and a Judo kid, with tons of accessories. This is such a darling set (I especially love the Sumo's fat body!!)

FRA10377  Large Asian Fan Die  $11.50
The large Asian Fan die measures 3.75" x 2.25". Enhance the design with the sakura flowers (FRA10379)

FRA10378  Pagoda Die  $6.00
The Asian pagoda temple die measures 1.6" x 2.375". It's a perfect addition to your Asian themed projects.

FRA10379  Petite Sakuras 2 Die  $16.25
Create dozens of sakura flowers fast with the Petite Sakura die. The die itself measures 3.25" square, and the actual flowers are sized 0.375" to 0.75". The flowers can be shaped with a shaping tool, shaded with markers or pencils, and layered for dimension and detail.

FRA10380  Elegant Sakura Die  $8.25
The Elegant Sakura die measures 2.5" x 2.375". It cuts an outline flower, and the center petals.
Tip: cut from 2 shades of the same color and interchange the petal centers for a monochromatic look. Very elegant!

FRA10381  Stitched Scroll Frames Die Set  $22.00
This set of 5 scroll frames features stitching on both the inside and outside of the cut line, enabling you to use the cuts as both layering mats and window openings, both with the stiching detail.
The dies measure: 3.75" x 5"; 4" x 3"; 3" x 2.25"; 2" x 1.5"; 1" x 0.75".

FRAS083  Hellos Around The World Stamp Set  $12.25
A 4"x6" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.
This stamp set contains 14 stamps including a variety of ways to say "Hello" in several languages. Also included are "friend" words in three languages.
The "Hello" stamp measures approx. 1.375" x 0.45"
The "Konnichiwa" stamp measures approx. 2.5" x 0.375"

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