Monday, March 6, 2017

Hero Arts Layering Stamps and Dies and Ink Pre Order

One of my sweet customers requested I carry these.   I agree with her and think these stamp sets from Hero Arts are pretty awesome.  I found this video from Jennifer McGuire that shows how to use these stamps.  If there is anything else from the video you want, let me know and I will try and get it for you  :)

Remember to email all pre orders to Darlene at

HA-CM124   Color Layering Fuchsia Stamp Set  $14.00

DI349  Color Layering Dies Fuchsia  $12.75

AF392  Layering Ink Cubes Fuchsia  $8.75

HA-CM125  Color Layering Rooster Stamp Set  $14.00

DI350  Rooster Layering Die Set  $8.75

AF393   Rooster Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM126  Color Layering Peacock Stamp Set  $14.00

DI351  Peacock Layering Die Set  $10.25

AF394  Peacock Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM127  Color Layering Koi Stamp Set  $14.00

DI354  Koi Layering Die Set  $10.25

DI336   Detailed Koi Fish Die  $12.75

AF396 Koi Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM128   Color Layering Water Lilies Stamp Set  $14.00

DI353  Water Lilies Layering Die Set  $9.00

AF395  Water Lilies Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM129   Color Layering Birds & Blossoms Stamp Set  $14.00

DI352 Birds and Blossoms Layering Dies  $12.75

AF398 Birds and Blossoms Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM130  Color Layering Hydrangea Stamp Set  $14.00

DI355 Hydrangea Layering Die Set  $8.75

AF397 Hydrangea Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM134   Color Layering Croissant Stamp Set  $14.00

DI362 Croissant Layering Dies  $8.75

AF400  Croissant Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

HA-CM144 Color Layering Poppy Stamp Set  $14.00

DI356   Poppy Die Set  $8.75

AF399  Poppy Layering Ink Cubes  $8.75

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