Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sue Wilson Pre Order #7

Wow!  This is the last of the new items from Sue Wilson!  My goodness did she bring us a lot of beautiful things.   You can order her items any time.

I am also still taking orders for the new Heartfelt Creations Flowering Dogwood release until Monday.

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

From Sue Wilson:
Hi bloggers!  There are a couple of new striplet additions to the family.  First up is the new Infinity Mini  Striplet.  This Striplet has been designed in three matching sections that can be cut apart and used in an individual squares if desired.  Like all Striplets, there is a separate cutting edge so you can cut the design into the card or cut it completely out of the card.

CED1625  Mini Striplet - Infinity Die Set  $11.50
2 dies
Inside Die: 1.75" x 4.75"
Outside Frame: 1.85" x 5.0"

From Sue:
the Rippled Petite Striplet die set is smaller than the previous one, but you can mix and match the outer dies to create frames since they are different sizes.  The Rippled Striplet makes a great background, border or even focal element, it is truly versatile.

CED1624  Petite Striplet - Rippled Die Set  $10.75
This beautiful striplet will allow you to add a rippled cut out on your card or layout. Add more than one to create a whole background with the rippled strips.
2 dies
Inside Die: 1.25" x 4.45"
Outside Frame: 1.5" x 4.75"

Per Sue:
Lastly the Finishing Touches!  The first post is showcasing the Cascading Butterflies die set.  This set has been designed to give you not only five beautiful butterflies to use on your creations, but also a pretty outline that can be used as well.  This die set works great for quick clean and simple cards too.  I know you will find so many uses for it.

CED1475  Finishing Touches Collection - Cascading Butterflies Die Set  $13.50
A very pretty die set that allows you to add butterflies to a card or layout and you have an instant focal point. Cut them without the inside die and you have outlines only, which can mean adding glitter, gilding flakes, embossing cardstock underneath for an interesting effect!
2 dies
Inside die: 2.0" x 5.75"
Outside die: 2.25" x 5.95"

More words per Sue Wilson:
The next die set in the Finishing Touches range is the new Wispy Fronds.  Shown here, you can see that it adds a lovely little accent to any of your floral accents on your creations.  This set has a very open, delicate design and will work great when a heavy leaf just won't be the right choice!  A great die set to add to your crafting arsenal I think!

CED1474  Finishing Touches Collection - Wispy Fronds Die Set  $11.50
These wispy fronds would look great as fillers tucked in behind some pretty flowers...
3 dies
Smallest: 1.0" x 2.5"
Largest: 0.91" x 4.02"

Per Sue:
The next die in the Finishing Touches category is the new Spring Foliage.  This set is extremely versatile with it's two sets of tiny flowers that can be added to the foliage or used by themselves as small embellishments.  Shown here cut in varying shades of green, the vine works great used in conjunction with the new 3D Arched Window/Door die set.  It can be easily used around floral arrangements as well.  I know it will be a real go to die set.

CED1473 Finishing Touches Collection - Spring Foliage Die Set  $12.25
This die set includes a pretty foliage branch as well as various sizes of flowers to add extra dimension to your spring cards/layouts. Cut extra and tuck them in behind a flower or other focal point.
3 dies
Smallest: 0.25" x 0.25
Largest: 3.70" x 1.81"

And The Final Die From this Wonderful release:
the final post of the launch!  Up on offer this post is the new Chrysanthemum die set.  This set can be used curled or flat, stacked or individual so there is a massive amount of versatility to it.  You will see it time and time again on cards posted to the blog and it will have you wondering what die set it is as it just always looks so different!  I love that in a die set, I hope you do too!

CED1472  Finishing Touches Collection - Chrysanthemum Die Set  $16.25
You can make a beautiful chrysanthemum flower with this set. It also includes a textured middle as well as a leaf. Cut more flowers to add extra dimension!
6 dies
Smallest: 0.50" x 0.50"
Largest: 2.52" x 2.52"

Wow!  What a release.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  Will talk to you soon


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