Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tattered Lace World Launch at CHA

Well from what I hear, The new Flectere Collection from Tattered Lace made quite a stir at the CHA convention.  With that in mind, I think I should get an order out this Sunday so I can secure these for those of you who want them.  They are due out in March but I have to order them now.  Also.....for those of you who missed out on the last Tattered Lace preorder  HERE, I can try to get those items for you if they are still in stock by adding them to this order. 
So the Flectere line makes Gorgeous cards.  When you look at the samples-think about using tealights in these.  What a card/gift!!!!
Now here is a video that was shown at CHA and another on Create and Craft.  Both of these videos are quite long but they are soooo informative.  There is no way I could explain this so it is easier to just watch the videos.
Create And Craft Here

Please remember to send all orders to
If you simply hit reply to your blog email, I will not get your order.....
And if you are sure you want some of these then please email me your order by Sunday afternoon, say by 3pm EST.   Remember, they are coming in March so this gives you plenty of time to save up your monies.....
See you all again in a few days....

TLD0063  Flectere Faerydae Story Die Set  $64.50

TLD0073  Flectere Infant Story Die Set  $64.50

TLD0065  Flectere Love Story Die Set  $64.50

TLD0059  Flectere Butterfly Story Die Set  $64.50

TLD0064  Flectere Majestic Bouquet Die Set  $64.50

TLD0060  Flectere Heart Fancy Die Set  $37.50

TLD0061  Flectere Bracket Label Fancy Die Set  $37.50

TLD0062  Flectere Oval Fancy Die Set  $37.50

TLD0051  Flectere Box Die Set  $48.25

TLD0066  Flectere Pillars Die  $21.50

TLD0050  Flectere 3D Cutting System  $32.25
(this is the one that can turn any of your dies into a Flectere card)

DIG0060  Flectere CD-ROM  $16.25

TLD0067  Cascading Bubbles Die  $10.75

TLD0068 Cascading Stars Die  $10.75 

TLD0069  Cascading Butterflies  Die  $10.75

TLD0047  Springtime Stroll Die  $21.50

TLD0045  Cherished Blooms Die Set  $16.25

TLD0048  Toadstools Dies  $10.75

TLD0052  Spring Leaf Collection  $16.25

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