Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sue Wilson Pre Order #4

Hi friends.  Many of you are asking if you can order items from Sue Wilson's release before I put them up for sale on my blog.   Of course you can :)  I will take any order you want to give me.  Just remember to send all orders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

Some words from Sue Wilson:
More of the new Fillables today!  This category has been designated as dies that are designed to be used with our treat cup line.  We have the original round treat cups, but now we have a new heart shaped treat cup as well.  The Jewelled Heart die set is the first set to be shown that uses the new heart shaped treat cups.  You can fill the treat cups with confetti or any other shaker card items and the dies have been designed to fit perfectly.

CED21005  Fillables Collection - Jewelled Heart Die Set  $17.25
Create a fillable heart for your card or layout with this die set. Includes smaller hearts so you can make your own confetti for a shaker card...Perfect for those you love anytime of the year! Coordinates with the Heart Shaped Treat Cups: CEHTREAT.
7 dies
Smallest: 0.60" x 0.50"
Largest: 4.69" x 3.78"

CEHTREAT  Heart Shaped Treat Cups  $4.25
Treat cups that fit the new Fillables Hearts: CED21005, CED21006 AND CED21007so that you can make your own shakers cards--just add glitter, shapes, candies, sequins, etc!
7 clear cups
Size: 2.50" x 2.0"

Sue Wilson:
Hi there my crafty friends!  This post is dedicated to showing the Laced Heart die set.  Although it is part of our new Fillable Collection, I decided to show it in a card without a treat cup!  See what versatility there is, you can easily use this set with or without the matching heart treat cups.  Shown here, it looks great just used to create a fabulous background cut out of the card.

CED21006  Laced Heart Die Set  $12.25
Another fillable heart, that you could make into a shaker card...Add ribbon around the outside for  a unique effect. Coordinates with the Heart Shaped Treat Cups: CEHTREAT.
4 dies
Smallest: 2.25" x 1.75"
Largest: 3.66" x 3.15"

Per Sue Wilson:
Hi bloggers!  The Fluttering Heart die set is being showcased during this blog post.  Again, shown without the treat cup, but rather being used to create both the background and the focal element of this card.  If you are a fan of butterflies, then this one is for you!  The die has been designed with a pretty decorative inner piece and a beautiful decorative outer frame with cutting edges for both pieces.

CED21007  Fillables Collection - Fluttering Heart Die Set  $12.25
This fluttering heart includes a lot of fluttering butterflies which you can use as confetti if you create a shaker card with this heart die set. Coordinates with CEHTREAT Heart Shaped Treat Cups.
4 dies
Smallest: 2.25" x 1.75"
Largest: 3.54" x 2.99"

Sue's words:
Hello again crafters!  Back to the Kinetics category.  The new Easter Basket die set has a two fold sort of design to it.  As you can see on the top of the packaging, it makes a great 3D basket and as you can see from the sample shown, it also makes a great  basket for use on your cards and projects!  The basket is far more than just an Easter basket though, it can easily be used for weddings or birthdays, or just a cute gift idea filled with soaps or potpourri!  I'm sure that you will find so many more uses for this darling basket!

CED22007  Kinetics Collection - Easter Basket Die Set  $22.25
Create a 3D Easter basket with this set of dies. Includes additional add-on dies such as an Easter Bunny and Easter eggs!
10 dies
Smallest: 0.60" x 0.90"
Largest: 2.70" x 4.75"
Basket Size: 4.13" x 2.83"

From Sue:
Hi  crafters!  We are showcasing the new Gemini dies first up.  This post is showcasing the new Antlia die set.  Shown here, you can see how pretty it looks as a shadowed border on this card. The Gemini dies have separate cutting edges with a different look to each side of the decorative die in the set which allows you to create a multitude of looks with a single die set.  I know this die set will be a fabulous addition to any die collection.

CED4423  Gemini Collection - Antlia Die Set  $12.25
The separate cutting edges of these dies allow you to create different edge designs or to cut out the shapes completely.
A beautiful floral-look scalloped edge that would create a lovely border or edger on your card or layout.
3 dies
Size: 5.16" x 2.05"

And lastly from Sue for today:
Hello crafters!  The second Gemini die on offer this release is the new Cassiopeia.  Shown here in this sample, you can see how beautiful it is.  This die works wonderfully as a petticoat card, edge or side borders, backgrounds, you name it!  This die can produce all the looks you want to add to your creations!  

CED4422  Gemini Collection - Cassiopeia Die Set  $12.25
The separate cutting edges of these dies allow you to create different edge designs or to cut out the shapes completely.
A beautiful scroll-work scallop that would make a great border/edger for your cards or layouts.
3 dies
Size: 4.88" x 2.36"

See you all tomorrow!

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