Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Sue Wilson Dies!

Hello friends.  
First let me say that I need all tattered lace orders by Sunday (today).....
Drumroll please.....
Here are the latest items from Sue Wilson to pre order.  
I will be putting these up in small batches to make it a little less overwhelming for both me and you.  LOL
Please email all preorders to Darlene at      If I don't respond to your email within 24 hours, I didn't get it, so please resend.

From this point on, I will use Sue Wilson's words to describe the items I am offering for preorder.

Hello there my crafty friends!  Welcome to the launch for the first die release of 2017!  I am particularly excited about this launch as there are some very different ideas, including some new die categories!  We have included a new category called Kinetics and this is the very first die in the category.  First up today is the new Working Candy Machine! Yes it really does work, you just turn the handle and your candy comes out!   I have shown it here in it's simplest form so you can get the idea that I had in mind and I am also including a link to the video I made that shows exactly how easy it is to put together!  Just click on this link to watch it:
This is a really fun idea that can be adapted for any occasion and I will be showing you many more ideas over the coming months!  You just turn the handle and the candy comes out!  It is refillable and can be used with a wide variety of different candies .  The best thing is that it is so simple to assemble too, but looks like it took you forever and a day! LOL   Who wouldn't love a version of this card!

Here are all the items from the video that you need to make the sample in the video.

CED22004  Working Candy Machine Die Set  $24.25
7 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.25" x 0.25"
Largest: 3.94" x 5.98"

CETREAT  Treat Cups  $3.50

CEFCCANDY  Pre-cut Foam Core - 4 pieces  $4.25
This item will be available from Sue Wilson by February 15th 2017
I am ordering them now, to ensure we get them  :)
Each package contains 2 sets. 2 pieces per candy machine.

MDFHANDLE  MDF Candy Machine Handle 12pk.  $2.75
12 handles
Size: 0.90" x 0.70"

UMS773  You're So Sweet Pre Cut Rubber Stamp  $6.00

EF041  A4 - Art Deco Rose Swirl Embossing Folder  $14.75
8.3" W x 11.7" L

 There are two die sets up next.  Although these have both been designed to work with the Working Candy Machine so they are part of the Kinetics category, I wanted to show you that they work nicely without the machine as well! Shown here, the One in a Million die set makes a great sentiment used in the center of this card

CED22005  Candy Machine - One in a Million Die Set  $10.75
2 dies   Size:
Smallest: 2.50" x 2.50"
Largest: 2.76" x 2.76"

CED22006   Candy Machine - Sweets for the Sweet Die Set  $10.75
2 dies  Size:
Smallest: 2.50" x 2.50"
Largest: 2.76" x 2.76"

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