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Frantic Stamper Holiday PreOrder

Hello paper crafters.  Here is the latest release from Frantic Stamper.  There are some pretty ones here.   Please email all preorders to Darlene at

FRA9989  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Die Set $10.00
Build your own nativity scene with the three figures of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. The personages can be positioned as you wish, perhaps even as a pop-up card.
Joseph measures 1.2" x 2.4"
Mary measures 1.6" x 2.1"
Baby Jesus in his manger measures 0.875" x 1"

FRA9990  Victorian Carolers Die $9.25
Create a Victorian Christmas scene with this caroling couple. The die measures 1.8" x 2.6"
A great companion to this die is Fran's Paris Street Light die (FRA9754)

FRA9991  Victorian Skaters Die $11.00
The Victorian Skaters die measures 2.2" x 3". It is perfect for creating either a Christmas outdoor scene, or a Winter scene.

FRA9992  Victorian Sleigh Ride Die $11.00
Nothing says "Victorian Christmas" like a one horse open sleigh. The Sleigh Ride die measures 3.75" x 1.75"

FRA9993  Victorian Accordion Snowmen Die  $15.25
This is such a fun die. With the Victorian Snowman Accordion die, you can create a fancy folded tag, or an accordion embellishment for an interactive card front.
The die measures 3.55" x 2.4". Each of the 3 snowmen has the exact same outline, so they line up perfectly when folded. They are also easily snipped apart to be used separately if you choose. With a fun roly-poly look, these adorable snowmen are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

FRA9994  Ornate Joy Die $9.25
The Ornate Joy die is a generous sized word, measuring 3" x 2".

FRA9995  Ornamental Swag Die  $11.00
The Ornamental Swag die is a soft and delicate design which can be customized in many ways. The ornaments can easily be snipped off the branch and cut from different colored papers, or the piece can be cut as a single piece for a fast project.
The Ornamental Swag die measures 3.1" x 2.6" and features 5 lacey ornaments hanging from a delicate pine branch.

FRA9996  Wreath And Swag Components Die Set  $16.25
The Wreath & Swag components die is one of Fran's all time favorites. With this die, you can really showcase your creativity in assembling the pieces. Start with a circle base and build up the pine sprigs, holly sprigs, or berry sprigs to form a wreath. Add in pinecones, Christmas roses or bows, or a cardinal in your desired position to finish it off. If a swag is more to your liking, that's OK! With these separate pieces, it's easy to build whatever greenery piece you choose.
Think outside the box too. These components can be used for so many other things: decorate a tag, add fullness to a Christmas tree, decorate paper napkin holders with a variety of branches for a festive holiday table setting. The sky is the limit!!

FRA9997   Round Ornament Background Die Set $12.75
The basic round ornament measures 2.75" x 3.2", and also features a beautiful bow measuring 1.75" x 1.5" and an ornament hook measuring 0.5" x 1.3".
This ornament background matches the Santa Round Ornament die (FRA9998).
This great ornament die can also be used to cut out photos to make handmade ornaments.

FRA9998  Victorian Santa Round Ornament Die  $12.75
Fran's Victorian Santa round ornament measures 2.75" x 3.2". It matches the Round Ornament Background die (FRA9997) perfectly, allowing you to cut a matching backing piece.

FRA9999  Pinecone Ornament Background Die Set $7.00
Featuring a classic elongated shape, the "pinecone" ornament background die measures 1.375" x 2.75". It matches the Striped Pinecone Ornament (FRA10000), and the Scroll Pinecone Ornament Die (FRA10001)
The set also contains a simple string bow measuring 0.875" x 0.625", and an ornament hook measuring 0.4" x 1.2".

FRA10000   Striped Pinecone Ornament Die $7.00
The Striped Pinecone Ornament die measures 1.375" x 2.75" and matches perfectly with the Pinecone Ornament Background die (FRA9999).

FRA10001  Scroll Pinecone Ornament Die  $7.00
The Scroll Pinecone Ornament die measures 1.375" x 2.75" and matches perfectly with the Pinecone Ornament Background die (FRA9999).

FRA10002   Finial Ornament Background Die Set $11.00
Another classic ornament shape is the Finial Ornament (or teardrop ornament). This die measures 2.75" x 2.875". The set also includes a ribbon bow measuring 1.05" x 1.5" and an ornament hook measuring 0.4" x 1.2"
This die matches the shape of the Jeweled Finial Ornament (FRA10003) and Lattice Finial Ornament (FRA10004) so it can be used as a backing to these.  

FRA10003  Jeweled Finial Ornament Die $11.00
The Jeweled Finial Ornament is delicate design with spaces to embellish using jewels, sequins or glitter drops. The ornament measures 2.75" x 2.875" and matches the Final Ornament Background perfectly (FRA10002)

FRA10004  Lattice Finial Ornament Die $11.00
With a traditional lattice design, this ornament measures 2.75" x 2.875" and matches the Finial Ornament Background die (FRA10002) perfectly.

FRA10005  Bubble Ornament Background Die Set $10.00
The Bubble Ornament Background die is a whimsically shaped ornament which matches the Poinsettia Bubble Ornament die (FRA0006)
The ornament measures 2.375" x 3". The set also contains a ribbon bow measuring 1.2" x 1.2" and an ornament hook measuring 0.5" x 1.2".

FRA10006  Poinsettia Bubble Ornament Die $10.00
The Poinsettia Bubble Ornament measures 2.375" x 3" and matches the Bubble Ornament Background die (FRA10005) perfectly.

FRA10007  Lovely Loop Edger Die $9.25
We love beautiful edge dies, and this one combines a soft and delicate curve with an open scallop border and a fun stitched line. The Lovely Loop Edger measures 6" long x 0.5" wide, so it can be used on both portrait and landscape orientation cards, as well as larger 6"x6" square cards.

FRA10010  Santa Suit Card Maker Die Set $21.50
Ho Ho Ho! Santa is here! This Santa Suit Card Maker die is so much fun. You can create a full Santa Suit card front by layering the pieces onto a red card base.
The die set contains pieces to create the collar, belt, belt buckle and suit trim. Cut the pieces from cardstock, felt, glitter paper, or other fun materials to add fun interest.
Idea: Cut the collar and trim pieces out of white cardstock, then run the pieces through an embossing folder for texture. Cut the belt buckle from gold glitter paper or gold metallic foil paper. Add a little lapel decoration, or buttons to embellish Santa's Suit even more. This die set makes a quick and easy Christmas card with lots of customization possibilities.

FRA10011  Santa Face Card Maker Die Set $24.25
Jolly Ole St Nick has never looked at you so closely. With the pieces from our Santa Face Card Maker die set, you can transform your card front into Santa Claus.
The pieces include a beard (fun to cut from felt, or textured cardstock), Santa's hat trim, a big nose, one eye (cut it twice) and half of his mustache (cut it twice). The Santa Face is super easy to assemble and fun for all ages. This is a perfect die to make super fast cards, or cut out the pieces and have your kids or grandkids assemble hilarious cards for their friends without any fuss.

FRA10012  Santa With Toy Bag Die $11.00
Santa brought his bag of toys! The piece measures 2.375" x 2.875" and features detail cut lines that allow you to either keep in as a single piece to color, or easily snip the components apart to build him up.

FRA10013  Reaching Santa Die $8.25
This super cute Santa Claus die is reaching out to you. Measuring 1.9" x 2.75", he is fun to dangle from a card front using twine through his glove, or make Christmas Ornaments for a small tree. So many cute projects can be accomplished with this darling reaching Santa.

FRA10014  Elf Die $5.75
Our adorable Elf die measures 1.375" x 1.8". We like to feature the detail cut line to make him easy to color. His sweet grin is sure to put a smile on your face.

FRA10015  Jolly Santa Face Die  $10.00
The Jolly Santa Face die measures 2.1" x 2.75" and has a great retro look and a twinkle in his eyes.

FRA10016  Santa's Hat Die $5.75
This small Santa Hat measures 2.25" x 1.25". The perfect embellishment to a gift tag, or perhaps add the hat to family photos! The detail cut lines make it easy to snip off the trim and pompom if you wish to cut them from felt or white cardstock and layer them over the base hat for dimension.

FRA10017  Cute Rudolph  Die $8.25
Fran's Cute Rudolph die is sized to work with the Reaching Santa (FRA10013) or the Santa With Toy Bag (FRA10012). He measures 2.125" x 2.75". Use red glossy accents or a small epoxy dot on his nose to add interest.

FRA10018  Layered Christmas Tree Die Set $16.25
The layered Christmas Tree die was designed to work alone as a snow covered pine tree, or in conjunction with the Tree Trimmings die set (FRA10019) to decorate the tree further.
The Christmas Tree measures 2.5" x 3" and comes with a snow overlay die, as well as a small garland and ornaments to decorate it. Combining it with the Tree Trimmings die will enhance your decorating options.

FRA10019  Tree Trimmings Dies $6.50
The Tree Trimmings die is designed to work with the Layered  Christmas Tree die (FRA10018) to further decorate the tree. However, these tiny ornaments can certainly be used on their own as well, as tiny shaker card filler!!

FRA10020  Candy Cane Die $9.25
The delicate openwork candy cane measures 2.8" x 2.875" and features an attached bow with holly detail. The detail cut lines allow you to easily snip the bow embellishment off if you so desire, or gives you demarcation lines for easy coloring.

FRA10021  Fireplace Die Set $17.00
Create a warm setting with our Fireplace die set. The fireplace surround measures 3.5" x 3". The andirons, log and fire all fit perfectly inside. TIP: Cut the fire piece from two different colors (yellow and orange for example), but turn one paper over first. This will create offset pieces you can layer for a more realistic looking fire.
The Fireplace die set has a companion die set called Fireplace Holiday Extras (FRA10022). You may also want to pair it with the Tree Trimmings (FRA10019) and the gift boxes contained in the Birthday Icons die set (FRA9777)

FRA10022  Fireplace Holiday Extras Die Set  $16.25
Decorate your fireplace setting (using the companion Fireplace die - FRA10021) using the pieces in this set. Included are:
A mirror - 2.1" x 1.55"
A holiday wreath - 1.5" x 1.5"
A darling little stocking - 0.45" x 0.75"
A mantle clock: 0.75" x 0.75"
and a variety of appropriately sized holly twigs, pine sprig, candle and bow.
You may choose to also add some of the elements from the Tree Trimmings (FRA10019) and the gift boxes contained in the Birthday Icons die set (FRA9777) to further enhance your fireplace scene.

FRA10023  Christmas Tree Square Die $10.00
A simple but elegant stained glass look, measuring 2.25" x 2.25". The die allows you to cut and piece back the design in an inlay technique, or cut from plain cardstock and overlay on top of acetate or vellum for a window style look.

FRA10024  Star Quilt Square Die $10.00
A simple but elegant stained glass look, measuring 2.25" x 2.25". The die allows you to cut and piece back the design in an inlay technique, or cut from plain cardstock and overlay on top of acetate or vellum for a window style look.
This star quilt design lends itself to year-round cards simply by the colors you choose.

FRA10025  Holly Square Die $10.00
 A simple but elegant stained glass look, measuring 2.25" x 2.25". The die allows you to cut and piece back the design in an inlay technique, or cut from plain cardstock and overlay on top of acetate or vellum for a window style look.

FRA10026  Naughty or Nice Die Set $6.50
Have you been naughty? Or nice? The word "naughty" measures 2.5" x 0.625" and the word "nice" measures 1.25" x 0.5"

FRA10027  Merry and Bright Die Set  $12.75
With generously sized words, you can create a fast greeting that fills a card front. The size of the sentiment assembled as shows is 3" x 2". The word "Merry" measures 2.875" x 1.3", "Bright" measures 2.75" x 1.25", and "and" measures 1.25" x 0.875". Each word cuts out separately and can be arranged as you wish

FRA10028  Bah Humbug Die  $5.75
What more to say…. For those who don't really enjoy Christmas but feel pressured to make cards anyways, this is the perfect sentiment. It measures 2.5" x 1".

Now for the Samples:

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