Monday, July 11, 2016

More Groovi A6 Plates to PreOrder

These are the last of the plates we have to offer for the moment of the Groovi system.   Our supplier will be getting in some new items soon and I promise to put them up for sale as soon as they arrive.

Here is the next video in the series:

Please email all preorders to Darlene at

GRO40133  Inset Numbers Adapter For Plate Mate $8.75
(Remember you need this set to have the adapter so the A6 plates fit in the plate mate)

GRO40141  Small Blue Bird on a Branch Plate $5.50

GRO40228  Letterboxes Bunting Octagon Diamond A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40277  Small Bluebird Feeder Plate $5.50

GRO40288  Rocking Horse A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40290   Baby Clothes A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40291  New Arrival A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40314  Ivy Cameo A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40315  Blossom Cameo A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40316  Fleur Cameo A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40317  Amaryllis Cameo A6 Plate  $5.50

Now for some beautiful Samples:

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