Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Frantic Stamper PreOrder

Hello friends.  We have some new dies from Frantic Stamper for you to preorder.  Please email all preorders to Darlene at

FRA9918  Beach Umbrella And Chair Die Set $10.00
The beach chair assembles to 2" x 1.5" and the umbrella is 3" x 2.25".

FRA9919  Boat Icons Dies  $6.50
This set of 3 dies is perfect for creating your water scenes, be it at the lake or the ocean. The set contains: a yacht (2.2" x 0.8"), speed boat (1.5" x 0.5") and sailboat (0.875" x 1.125")

FRA9920   Crab Die $12.75
The catch of the day is a BIG crab!! It measures 2.75" x 2.5". Definitely a keeper!

FRA9921 Flying Gulls Die Set $5.75
What beach scene would be complete without flying seagulls. This set of 5 dies includes small seagulls in various flight poses. The smallest is 0.625" x 0.5" and the largest is 1.125" x 0.5"

FRA9922  Flip Flops Die Set $12.75
It's summertime!! Time to don those flip flops! This fun set includes the shoe soles, toe pieces, and 4 interchangeable decorative elements.
Each assembled flip flop measures 1.1" x 2.5". Create feminine and masculine styles depending on the element you chose.

FRA9923  Kite Die Set $6.50
It's getting a little breezy! Perfect for kite flying!
This 2-piece kite measures 1.25" x 4.125" when assembled.

FRA9924  Lighthouse Die $8.25
This East Coast style stone lighthouse will be a perfect complement to scenic seaside cards. It measures 2.55" x 2.55"

FRA9925 Nautilus Shell Die $7.50
This spiral shell measures 2.5" x 1.8"

FRA9926  Sandcastle Die Set $7.50
A favorite pastime for kids and adults is building a sandcastle.  The sandcastle set comes complete with a flag and of course the sand shovel.
The castle measures 2.45" x 1.7"; flag: 0.625" x 0.4", and shovel: 0.3" x 0.9". Dig in!!

FRA9927 Scallop Shell Die $12.75
The large scallop shell will be a perfect complement to any summer sentiment. 
It measures 2.875" x 2.8".

FRA9928  Starfish Die $10.00
Is it a "starfish" or a "sea star"?   It measures a generous 2.875" x 3"

FRA9929 Three Surfers Die Set $9.25
Hang ten, bro! This set of 3 surfers is sure to add a touch of realism to your beach scene cards.
Approx sizes are:
Surfer carrying board: 1.5" x 1.5"
Crouched surfer riding breaker: 1.6" x 1"
Surfer standing on board: 1.8" x 1.375"

FRA9930 Wave Edger Die $7.50
Simple whimsical wave edger. Create wave layers by repeating the cut on different shades of paper, and overlapping the waves. Approx. size: 6.1" x 0.5"

FRA9931  Seagull And Pier Posts Die Set $5.75
The pier posts measure 0.875" x 1.2", and the seagull is 0.75" x 0.75"
The seagull's wing was made as a separate little die, enabling you to cut it from a darker paper to add realism to the bird.

FRA9932 Peeking Sea Otters Die Set $10.00
Playful sea otters peek though the windows and beg for a fishy treat! Each square is 1.25". Use one, two or all 3 for different styles.

FRA9933  Aloha Hibiscus Die Set $7.50
A traditional style hibiscus and tropical leaf. The flower will cut as 2 pieces (petals, and stamen). The flower measures 1.6" x 1.4", and the large tropical leaf is 1.3" x 0.875"

FRA9934  Elementals #14: Square Basics Die Set $26.75
With this Elementals set, you will have so many pieces to build a card, including frames, tags, sentiment strips, etc.
The scalloped square frame measures 3.75" x 3.75", which is the perfect size for a square card layer, or a square focal point on an A2 card, leaving you ample space for a sentiment

FRA9935 Lemonade Die Set  $9.25
Nothing is better than a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea in the summer.  This set comes with the pitcher, tall filled glass, and even a lemon wedge.
The pitcher measures 1.625" x 1.875", glass is 0.7" x 1.2", and lemon is 0.4"
The question now is "sweetened" or "unsweetened"?

FRA9936 Life Is Good Die Set $14.50
Life is Good, Life is Sweet, Live a Good Life, Live Life, Sweet Life. Choose your sentiment with this interchangeable "Life is Good" word set.
The word "Life" is bigger to give emphasis, measuring 2.2" x 2.1"
"sweet" measures 2" x 0.8", and "good" measures 1.5" x 1.25"
This set pairs very well with our Lemonade die set (FRA9935)

FRA9937 Pineapple Die $7.50
This fun pineapple die has a hidden secret. The crown leaves contains cuts that can be popped out for a dimensional look. The pineapple measures 1.625" x 2.7"

FRA9938  Popsicles Die Set $6.50
Create 4 different popsicle looks with this one die set. The set includes the popsicle stick, single pop with and without bite, and double pop with and without bite. Make a row of colorful fruit popsicles for a fun border!
Approx. assembled size of double pop: 0.625" x 2.125"

FRA9939 Stitched Daisy Pair Die Set $14.25
This pair of large stitched daisies was designed for reverse-cut fans. The largest daisy measures 2.3" and cuts out the full flower with holes where the petals and center are.
The smaller daisy (2.125") can be used to reverse-cut into a card, leaving the stitched outline, and holes for the petals and center into your card front. This makes a fun base for a shaker card element!

And now for the beautiful samples!

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