Sunday, January 21, 2018

Holland Items Pre Order

I just need a few more orders to make the order from Holland a go so I am offering some items that I think are nice.  I will take orders for these items until this Wednesday as I am putting my order in on Thursday.  So.. I am still taking orders for the Dot an Do, Stitch and Do and Spring-Tastic items until This Wednesday (Jan 24th) as well.
Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

XCU503120  Woodland Shadow Box Die Set  $29.25
Build a woodsy shadow box with a little fox.  Add other dies in your collection for more diversity.  I think a tea light in the back of this would be amazing!

XCU503393 Lace Dragonfly 2 Die Set  $20.50

XCU503940  Let it Snow Cut and Emboss Folder  $12.25

XCU503941  Winter Panel Cut and Emboss Folder  $12.25

ADD10101 Fishing Net  $12.25

SB10166  Maritime Push Out Decoupage Sheet  $1.25

SB10167  Maritime Push Out Sheet  $1.25

SB10168  Maritime Push Out Sheet  $1.25

ADD10100  Nautical Frame Die  $12.25

PM10115  Spring Flowers and Butterflies Die Set  $10.00

PM10091  Round Flowers Frame Die Set  $12.25

PM10067  Snowflake Circle Die  $12.25
(This is one of my favorite dies)

YCD10080  Flower Swing Die Set $11.25

PM10086  Butterflower Grass Die  $6.75

Please keep checking out DPC3.  Prices were dropped today and new items were added such as:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stitch and Do Preorder...New Company!

Hello everyone.  Well, when I put up the Dot and Do kits, a sweet customer, named Lena, asked if I could get the Stitch and Do kits.  Then she proceeded to tell me about these kits.  She even took pics!  Here is what the kits look like:

Lena states "Each kit contains a 3D sheet, 3 coordinating card bases, the 3 pre-pricked cards and the embroidery thread which also coordinates with the card bases and images.  It's too cool!  I love card embroidery. It's so relaxing.  I take my little tin with current project everywhere. "
Now those of you who know me, know that my favorite card making technique is paper embroidery.  When Lena said these sets come with the holes already pricked into the paper, I was so excited.  This is such a time saver not to mention how polished looking  it will make the card.  Thank you Lena for suggesting I offer these.
Now, for those of you who have toyed with trying paper embroidery but weren't sure about it....NOW is the time to try it with one of these kits.  If you like to sew and you like paper crafts then you will love paper embroidery.  It isn't hard or complicated and the end result is gorgeous!  
Please email all pre orders to Darlene at     
I am still taking orders for the Dot and Do kits seen HERE

STDO006 Violets Kit  $5.00

STDO016  Brocante Christmas Kit  $5.00 

STDO023  Snow Cabins Kit  $5.00

STDO026  Spring Flowers Kit  $5.00

STDO027  Flowers Kit  $5.00

STDO039  Christmas Greetings  $5.00

STDO040  Condolence Kit  $5.00

STD041  Christmas Birds Kit  $5.00

STD042  White Christmas Flowers Kit  $5.00

STDO046  Autumn Animals Kit  $5.00

STDO048  Winter Fun Kit  $5.00

STDO050  Wedding Kit  $5.00

STDO053  Pets Kit  $5.00

STDO054  Vintage Vehicles Kit  $5.00

STDO055  Garden Classics Kit  $5.00

STDO058  Wild Animals Kit  $5.00

STDO060  Christmas Classics Kit  $5.00

STDO061  Swans Kit  $5.00

STDO062  Pink Floral Kit  $5.00

STDO064   Nature Of Christmas Kit  $5.00

STDO065  Feeling Of Christmas Kit  $5.00

STDO066  Christmas Animals Kit  $5.00

STDO067  Cats Kit  $5.00

STDO068  Winter Classics Kit  $5.00

STDO070  Christmas Kit  $5.00

STDO071  Wedding Kit  $5.00

STDO072  Vintage Winter Kit  $5.00

STDO076  Pink Flowers Kit  $5.00

Please remember to check out DPC3 HERE for lowered prices and new items added such as: